Balanced Bodies

Physical activity is essential for children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. We strive to provide ample opportunities for children to engage in movement and outdoor play, so that they develop critical motor skills and spatial awareness. We also believe that exposure to different environments expands the children’s perspective and their resilience, so we plan excursions for children to experience and interact with different places and environments.

Indoor & Outdoor Play
Play is fundamental to children’s growth, developing their physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and communication skills. It builds their creativity, helps them investigate ideas and understand their world better, and grows vital capacities such as resilience, risk-taking and self-control. Children at our centres have daily unstructured play time indoors as well as at various community playgrounds and parks, ensuring that they are physically active.

Enrichment Excursions
Children are naturally curious and active in exploring the world around them, and we facilitate this form of independent, experiential learning by bringing them on excursions and learning journeys. Our children have previously visited Admiralty Park, Airzone, Kidzania, National Gallery Singapore, and SPLASH at Punggol SAFRA, among other locations.