Engaging your child in a fun and exciting exercise routine during the school holidays is a fantastic way to keep them active, healthy, and happy. In Singapore, where the weather is often conducive to outdoor activities, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here’s some activities for an exercise routine that will not only keep your child physically active but also mentally stimulated and socially engaged.

1. Embark on Outdoor Adventures

Take advantage of Singapore’s numerous parks and nature reserves. Plan a family nature walk or hike in places like MacRitchie Reservoir Park or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Engaging with nature not only provides physical exercise but also offers opportunities for learning about the environment and wildlife.

2. Have a Dance Party

Kids love to dance! Create a dance party atmosphere at home and let your child groove to their favorite tunes. You can find dance tutorial videos online, or simply let them freestyle. Dancing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise and a great way for kids to express themselves creatively.

3. Create a Movement and Obstacle Course

Encourage your child to use their imagination and create a fun obstacle course in your living room, if space permits. Use everyday household items like pillows, chairs, and hula hoops to set up challenges. This activity enhances their creativity, problem-solving skills, and physical coordination.

4. Have Fun Swimming

Visit a swimming pool or water park to cool off and have fun. Swimming is a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health and muscle strength. Make sure your child follows safety rules and wears appropriate swim gear.

5. Cool Down with Relaxation Activities

End the day with relaxation activities like meditation or simple breathing exercises. Teaching your child mindfulness and relaxation techniques can help them manage stress and sleep better, ensuring they are ready for another day of fun activities.

Remember, the key to a successful exercise routine for children is to keep it enjoyable and varied. By incorporating a mix of activities, you not only keep your child physically active but also nurture their social, creative, and cognitive skills. Plus, spending quality time together as a family strengthens bonds and creates lasting memories. Enjoy the school holidays, and have fun staying active!

New Life Student Care strives to provide plentiful opportunities for your child to engage in movement and outdoor play, so that they develop critical motor skills and spatial awareness. Children at our centres have daily unstructured play time indoors as well as at various community playgrounds and parks, ensuring that they are physically active.