Our Vision

Building Strong Foundations

The most important lessons in life are learnt outside school. After school hours can present myriad opportunities for children to explore beyond the classroom, cultivate good habits and develop their potential. Most importantly, building strong foundations in all areas of children’s development prepares them to face the future with resilience and confidence. That is what we seek to accomplish for every child at New Life Student Care.

Mentorship is pivotal to the children’s growth. Our nurturing teacher-mentors seek to build positive and affirming relationships with every child, so that they will be encouraged to grow yet receive careful guidance in the process. Our teacher-mentors also role model to each child how to CARED:
Character values are the heart of what we do at New Life Student Care. Our character-building framework, PANDA, undergirds how we run the various programmes at our centres. We want children to have a strong moral core which informs their choices, habits and attitudes. As they learn to develop and take ownership of different aspects of their lives through our programmes, they will become disciplined, confident and well-rounded individuals able to care for their community and steward the talents and resources they have been given.
Every child that we nurture leaves us prepared to meet the challenges of secondary school and beyond with a good foundation of character, competence and confidence.