Steady Readers
& Kids Champ Club

Our student care centres are run by New Life Community Services, a non-profit organisation doing community work with children and youths. New Life Community Services runs various children’s programmes that are open for children registered with our student care centres. Our centre staff will notify you if your child is eligible for these programmes.

Steady Readers
Since 2006, Steady Readers Programme (SR) is a free volunteer-run intervention programme to help children read at their academic level.

Through the teaching of phonics using Jolly Phonics and the Fitzroy Method, Steady Readers aims to help the children build a strong foundation in English language and literacy skills. To develop their interest in reading and learning, children are introduced to stories from the Oxford Reading Tree series and other interesting readers. In addition, excursions and learning journeys are organised to enrich their experiences.

Besides literacy and comprehension skills, Steady Readers also aims to build children’s confidence in reading, speaking and presenting. With both language skills and competence in presentation, each child is better equipped to excel at higher levels of education.

Children at our student care centres will be assessed for their reading level and comprehension skills, and our staff will recommend your child to join Steady Readers if they meet the criteria for the programme.

“As a foreigner without English as her first language, my daughter Yuki found it difficult to catch up in school. This affected her confidence and she felt intimidated when speaking out. She also had low self-esteem. Since she enrolled with Steady Readers, I have observed that she became more confident in expressing herself. She can now communicate well with her peers without feeling shy. I really appreciate this programme for helping her improve.”

– Karen Tea, mother of Yuki

Kids Champ Club
Through fun and intentional experiential activities, the Kids Champ Club Programme (KCC) aims to impart good character values in children and provide opportunities for them to put these values into practice. Children in KCC are mentored to develop positive self-esteem, discover their potential, and deal with socio-emotional issues. We believe that with the guidance of their volunteer-mentors, children can become disciplined and confident role models at home and in school.

Teachers will recommend for your child to join KCC based on their assessments of your child’s needs. KCC is run at our Bukit Panjang centre and Woodlands office, and there is a one-time signup fee of $20.

“Hidayat used to struggle with impatience, lack of focus and temper tantrums. After attending KCC, I’m happy that my son is now humble to apologize when he does something wrong, and would say ‘Thank you’ on his own accord. Hidayat grew to be more understanding and is now more confident. He hasn’t missed a single lesson of KCC and is always looking forward to it. I am glad to see him grow and improve a lot in character.”

– Mr Cody Ng, father of Hidayat

Youth Hub Programme
New Life also runs youth hubs in Woodlands and Bukit Panjang. Under the Youth Hub Programme, P5 & P6 children from New Life Student Care centres will visit a neighbouring New Life Youth Hub once a fortnight. These visits enable children to build relationships with the youths and youth workers at the hub, so that they will have a network of support for the transition into secondary school. Children also develop their socio-emotional skills through interacting with teenagers during fun activities.