What our parents say

“We have no regrets about enrolling our children in New Life Student Care. Our kids look forward to the school holiday programmes. PANDA Champs is one of the best holiday programmes we have encountered, as it teaches our kids good character values.

All the teachers are very dedicated, caring and helpful. Ms Chan gave useful advice for my son Yong Liang to improve in phonics and checked up on his learning. Within a few months I really saw a great improvement in him. We were also glad that the teachers recommended Yong Jia to attend Kids Champ Club, because it has made him more confident in completing his daily tasks.

We are very grateful that we entrusted our kids to New Life Student Care. Thumbs up to all the teachers, volunteers and staff! Cheers and keep it up!”

– Parents of Tan Yong Liang & Tan Yong Jia (Bukit Panjang)

“My son Jayden enjoys going to the student care every day and feels engaged by the many activities. He enjoys the art and craft activities and always proudly shows us the artworks he has made. He also enjoys spending time with the volunteers who run programmes with New Life Student Care, especially during excursions like the trip to Gardens by the Bay.

After going to New Life Student Care, Jayden is now a more confident boy. He can express himself better and also socialize well with his teachers and peers. Jayden can be mischievous at times, but both Teacher Rose & Teacher Hazel are very patient with him, often giving him the necessary guidance and discipline.

Keep up the good work! Will be sending Jayden’s younger sister to New Life Student Care in three years’ time too!”

– Mdm Shi, mother of Jayden Shi (Bukit Panjang)

“Since my son Ji Long came to New Life Student Care in 2020, his written and spoken English has started to improve. He is happy that the teachers help him with his homework and explain things when he’s not sure.

I can see that the teachers in New Life are very experienced, they really know how to take care of all the children. When the children are naughty, they explain the child’s mistakes and correct them firmly and gently. They make sure that every child gets fetched home safely.

I will be sending my son to New Life Student Care until he is Primary 6. If they allowed secondary school students, of course I would let my son join too!”

– Mr Tan Eng Ki, father of Tan Ji Long (Teck Whye)

“We are very happy that Xiao Xin is in New Life Children & Student Care. Xiao Xin did not have a good academic foundation as she only started her education in K1. We were looking for a student care she could adapt to and which would help her to catch up in her learning. Since she enrolled in this centre, she has gained confidence in her studies, even offering help to her friends when they need it. We are relieved to know that she is in good hands here.

We are also very thankful to the teachers for their patience, love and care towards Xiao Xin. She has really enjoyed the good learning environment here and grown so much in the past few years. Kudos to all the teachers and volunteers who contribute to the centre! We trust that your loving efforts will continue to attract more children and families to this wonderful place.”

– Joe Chong, uncle of Huang Xiao Xin (Teck Whye)

“I enrolled my older son, Lucas, in New Life Student Care because of the positive experience I had with my K1 son Alexander in New Life Childcare. New Life’s focus on character building and teaching children good values is aligned to what I want for my children. The activities the centre organizes are also well thought through.

On some days, the student care teachers will bring the children to New Life Woodlands Youth Hub to give them the opportunity to mingle with teenagers. Teacher Nathania shared with me that this is to let my son learn from teenagers what secondary school life is like, and I thought it was a great idea. Lucas has become more mature and independent, and has grown in confidence and social interaction skills. He has also improved in interactions with children younger than himself. I am grateful that Lucas has been positively influenced by his new friends at the youth hub.

I am thankful for Ms Marianne and Teacher Nathania, for their dedication to help Lucas adopt good values and positive thinking. I feel that Lucas is well taken care of because Teacher Nathania makes an effort to talk to him whenever he is discouraged, often giving me feedback on what she feels is the cause of him acting out.”

– Elaine Ng, mother of Lucas Wijaya (Woodlands)

“What I like about New Life Children & Student Care is that the activities they plan for the kids are engaging, enjoyable and most importantly, affordable. My kids really loved the pasar malam that the teachers organized during Children’s Day! They also thoroughly enjoyed the art classes conducted by teachers and volunteers during the school holidays.

I also appreciate the supplementary programmes New Life runs. My kids have improved greatly in their speech and reading through Steady Readers. They have been taught positive values which can be seen by their caring and helpful attitudes. The volunteers guided my kids with their schoolwork which were very helpful for their studies. They also made time to do fun activities with my kids.

We really appreciate the support from New Life Children & Student Care. The staff are very helpful, especially the principal. Thank you to Teacher Anna, Teacher Victoria, Teacher Jasmine, the two aunties, and especially Ms Marianne, for always being very positive and helpful. We would also like to thank Ms Nicole for making time to come over to our place to chat with us and care for us. We really appreciate it a lot.”

– Mdm Asinah, mother of Aina and Anis (Teck Whye)