Shining Spirits

At New Life Student Care, all our programmes are carefully designed around the PANDA character framework:

Acts of Love
Accepting Differences

As we impart these five values through our various programmes, activities and daily interactions, the children become more self-aware and develop their socio-emotional capacities.

The PANDA character framework equips children to be resilient, self-controlled, patient and caring individuals who can better navigate the challenges of life and contribute meaningfully to their community and society.

Our centres teach the PANDA values in weekly lessons called Lessons of Love (LOL). Our Our teacher-mentors use songs, stories, discussions, fun activities and much more to illustrate each value to the children, so that they can learn how to apply these values in their own life.

PANDA Champs
PANDA Champs is a holiday character programme based on the PANDA framework to help children develop desirable traits, foster their socio-emotional growth, and equip them to be independent and well-rounded individuals. Through engaging activities, experiential learning and facilitated discussions, children learn how to set goals, make good decisions, relate positively towards others and handle responsibilities, among other things.

“I observed that through the PANDA Champs character mentoring programme, my daughter Raelyn has learnt to be more independent and she’s now able to complete her homework before she gets home. Before, she used to be very quiet and shy, but now she has gained more confidence and is always looking forward to her after school care. Thank you, New Life, for genuinely loving my girl!”

– Mdm Chai, mother of Raelyn